Lawyer Dr. Christoph M. Giebel – Founding Partner at JURICITY

Dr. Christoph M. Giebel

Christoph is a founding partner of JURICITY. As a certified lawyer for IT, copyright and media law, he specializes mainly in technology related legal advice. Christoph represents sophisticated clients e.g. as to software development, outsourcing, telecommunications and data protection.

For several years Christoph has also been continuously advising companies and investors on real estate law, in particular on commercial and (landlord-side) residential tenancy law issues. He has considerable experience in the judicial and extrajudicial resolution of complex disputes in these fields. Christoph also brings his specific technological expertise to the real estate sector, particularly in the areas of data centers and smart home apps.

As an enthusiastic sportsman, he also regularly advises on sports law and sports media law.

Christoph's professional experience over the last 17 years encompasses both private practice and leading inhouse roles, including at a premier international law firm and a global IT and telecommunications service provider. Thanks to his many years of inhouse experience, he has an excellent understanding of the specific needs of legal departments, particularly also with regard to the use of legal tech.

Christoph is a native German and French speaker and also fluent in English.

Dr. Christoph M. Giebel, D.E.S.S.
Rechtsanwalt · Partner
Fachanwalt für Informationstechnologierecht
Fachanwalt für Urheber- und Medienrecht

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