Lawyer Dr. Christoph M. Giebel – Founding Partner at JURICITY

Dr. Christoph M. Giebel

Christoph is a founding partner of JURICITY. As a certified lawyer for IT, copyright and media law, he specializes in technology related legal advice. He also has particular experience in the real estate sector (e.g. data center leases, smart home applications).

His professional experience over the last 15 years encompasses both private practice and inhouse roles, including at a premier international law firm and – most recently – a global IT and telecommunications service provider.

Christoph represents sophisticated clients in the full range of legal value creation in the technology sector, e.g. as to software development, outsourcing, telecommunications and data protection.

As a passionate sportsman, Christoph also has substantial experience of more than ten years as to advising in the areas of sports law and sports media law.

Christoph is a native German and French speaker and fluent in English.


Dr. Christoph M. Giebel, D.E.S.S.
Rechtsanwalt · Partner
Fachanwalt für Informationstechnologierecht
Fachanwalt für Urheber- und Medienrecht

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Workshops on General Data Protection Regulation

2017EventsChristoph Giebel

Since 2017 Christoph has been holding workshops for several clients on issues of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), especially for software producers, IT and telecommunications service providers.

In doing so, Christoph not only conveys the key legal information as to GDPR that is essential for non-lawyers. He also creates added value by providing practical guidance for the implementation of the relevant legal requirements, tailored to the needs of each client. These use cases not only relate, in particular, to the implementation of privacy by design and privacy default requirements in software development and maintenance, but also to the optimization of internal data processing activities as well as managing contractual data protection requirements in relation to suppliers and customers.

Large volume telecommunications and IT services contract

2014 - 2017ExperienceChristoph Giebel

Since the end of 2014, Christoph has - as lead advisor - been representing an international provider of IT and telecommunications services as to the conclusion and implementation of a long-term telecommunications and IT services agreement for the group operations of a blue chip company. Christoph's activities included, inter alia, negotiations during the bid phase and ongoing advice during the transition/transformation phase. The volume of the transaction amounted to a multi three-digit million euro figure.
Co-organizing the Data Science Open Space in Berlin

2017EventsChristoph Giebel

In March 2017, Christoph has co-organized the Data Science Open Space in Berlin. During the event Christoph has held several open spaces dealing with topics at the interface between data science and law. On the basis of his decades long affinity to IT and software development, he once again proved capable in the discussion with software developers and data scientists of successfully bringing together legal and technological rationalities.
Large volume rental agreement on data center capacities

2013ExperienceChristoph Giebel

During 2013 Christoph has represented an international provider of IT and telecommunications services in connection with the long-term leasing of capacities in several high-availability data centers. The transaction volume amounted to a three-digit million euro figure.
Ongoing advice on important IT and telecommunications services and outsourcing agreements

2008 - 2017ExperienceChristoph Giebel

Since 2008 Christoph has been regularly representing an international provider of IT and telecommunications services in the negotiation and implementation of important services and outsourcing agreements with corporate customers, both at retail and wholesale level. Christoph has extensive experience in overseeing from a legal perspective RFP bidding procedures, NGN interconnection agreements, project-related co-operation and indirect sales agreements at an international scale, including the handling of all legal matters and practical requirements of legal project management in interdisciplinary teams. The volume of the transactions handled by Christoph in this respect usually amount to a high single-digit or double-digit million euro range.
Comprehensive legal steering of software development projects, including real estate applications

2010 - 2017ExperienceChristoph Giebel

Christoph has been continuously supporting software development, app and website projects over the last years. His advisory services range from basic strategic issues (for example, clarification of copyrights and trademark protection) and the early taking into account of legal requirements during the coding phase to conceiving contracts and general terms and conditions as well as providing data protection and regulatory advice. In doing so, Christoph also has gained specific experience in the provision of such services to companies in the real estate sector. Over the past years, he has, in particular, been supporting providers of smart home applications as well as apps relating to self-storage services and the verification of architectural services (including ground plans).
Software related disputes

2015 - 2017ExperienceChristoph Giebel

In recent years, Christoph has been repeatedly involved in the assertion of and the defense against claims derived from software counterfeit allegations, thus representing software producers e.g. in the fields of business intelligence, integration solutions or HR administration programs. Thanks to his tech-driven interdisciplinary approach, Christoph was able to create additional value by working together with IT experts and accurately determining key technical facts.
Technology law publications

2002 - 2017PublicationsChristoph Giebel, Lutz Hülsdunk

Both founding partners of JURICITY have published on technology law matters.

Since the start of his career, Christoph has been working intensively on matters of IT law, telecommunications law and data protection law, including the respective competition law implications. As from 2003, he has authored a large number of publications in professional legal magazines in these areas, with a particular emphasis on contractual and infrastructure related issues in the fields of telecommunications:

  • Objections of the subscriber arising out of or in connection with Section 45i para. 4 of the German Telecommunications Act: legal particularities in the intercarrier relationship, CR 2016, p. 263 et seq. (co-author)
  • Damage claims in case of telecommunications network outages – Liability of the service provider towards corporate customers, MMR 2014, p. 302 et seq. (co-author)
  • Securitisation of loans to telecommunications companies, MMR 2005, 217 et seq. (co-author)
  • Private rights of way in the new German Telecommunications Act, ZfIR 2004, p. 661 et seq. (co-author)
  • Commentary regarding the decision of the Federal Supreme Court, dated 24 June 2004 (III ZR 104/03), EWiR 2004, p. 1151 et seq. (co-author)
  • Commentary regarding the decision of the Federal Supreme Court, dated 14 May 2004 (V ZR 292/03), EWiR 2004, p. 991 et seq. (co-author)
  • Commentary regarding the decision of the Federal Supreme Court, dated 10 February 2004 (KZR 7/02), EWiR 2004, p. 725 et seq. (co-author)
  • The interpretation of Sec. 57 of the German Telecommunications Act by the new case law, ZfIR 2003, p. 49 et seq. (co-author)
  • Commentary regarding the decision of the Federal Supreme Court, dated 27 February 2003 (V ZR 229/02), EWiR 2003, p. 725 et seq. (co-author)
  • Commentary regarding the decision of the Higher Regional Court of Naumburg, dated 23 January 2003 (7 U (Hs) 18/02), ZfIR 2003, p. 818 et seq. (co-author)
Lutz has authored the following technology law publications:
  • Comment on the Decision of the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany, dated 2 March 2006 (2 BvR 2099/04), concerning the scope and applicability of the constitutional right to the secrecy of telecommunications, EWiR 2006 p. 305
  • Outsourcing in the insurance and health care sector without consent of the data subject? co-author, MMR 2004, p. 788-792 (co-author)
  • Integrated advice for convergent technologies, ZfR 2004, p. 70
  • Service components and contractual relationships of commercial music download platforms on the Internet, MMR 2004, p. 59-66 (co-author)
  • Comment on the Decision of the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany dated 15 July 2003 (2 BvF 6/98), EWiR 2003 p. 1053 (co-author)
  • Comment on the Decision of the Federal Supreme Court of Germany, dated 24 October 2002 (BGH I ZR 100/00 "discount prefix"), EWiR 2003, p. 389 (co-author)
  • Designing Distance Selling Platforms under the new German legislation on E-Commerce, MMR 2002, p. 414-419 and p. 516-520 (co-author)
Sports law and sports media law publications

2005 - 2016PublicationsChristoph Giebel

On the basis of his long term experience as advisor in the fields of sports law and sports media law, Christoph has authored in these areas since 2005, inter alia, the following publications in professional legal magazines:
  • Promising Start for the no “single buyer” rule in Germany, World Sports Law Report 2016, Vol. 14, Issue 6, p. 11 et seq.
  • The UEFA Club Monitoring – a tiger with incomplete dentition?, SpuRt 2011, p. 188 et seq.
  • Criminal law protection for the integrity of sport in Germany, Causa Sport 2011, p. 254 et seq.
  • The release of national players under the FIFA regulations in conflict with competition law, WRP 2006, p. 857 et seq.
  • The prohibition to go public in French professional sport – An infringement of the free movement of capital?, Causa Sport 2006, p. 13 et seq.
  • Early warning systems in sports betting under the perspective of data protection law, SpuRt 2006, p. 7 et seq.
  • The betting scandal and its legal consequences, Causa Sport 2005, p. 293 et seq. (co-author)
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2017Founding partner of JURICITY Rechtsanwälte
Since 2008BT Global Services (Germany), since 2012 as Lead Counsel Major Transactions
Since 2008Lawyer in own law firm, Kanzlei Dr. Giebel
2008Successful capability exam for the profession of lawyer in France, EFB Paris
2005 - 2008Dr. Ouart & Collegen, Partner
2002 - 2005Allen & Overy LLP, Associate in the firm's TMT practice (technology, media, telecommunications)
2002Second State Exam
2000 - 2002Regional Court of Frankfurt am Main, Referendar
2000Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main (Ph. D.)
1999University Robert Schuman Strasbourg III, French Master Degree
1997 - 1998Graduate Academic Assistant / Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main
1997First State Exam
1992 - 1996Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main, Law School