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YearSubjectTypeContact Person
2017 - 2019Innovative legal advice on most advanced technologies
Since the founding of JURICITY, Christoph has supported various companies through innovative legal advice in the most advanced technology areas, among others:

  • a provider of IoT/M2M telecommunications services on all IT contract law, data protection and regulatory issues related to the market launch;
  • a provider of innovative software solutions on several development and cooperation agreements as well as project contracts in the field of industry 4.0, in particular in the area of predictive monitoring;
  • a provider of software solutions for intelligent telecommunications networks on all IT contract law and data protection issues, software license agreements and matters of complex international cooperation, particularly in Asia;
  • a provider of bare metal high-performance servers on IT law and data protection issues;
  • a software producer and provider of broadcast media monitoring services in the drafting of license agreements and contract negotiations with various broadcasters; and
  • a provider of augmented reality software solutions on cooperation agreements with television broadcasters, software license agreements and various questions of media law regulation
ExperienceChristoph Giebel
2017 - 2019Workshops on General Data Protection Regulation

Since 2017 Christoph has been holding workshops for several clients on issues of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), especially for software producers, IT and telecommunications service providers.

In doing so, Christoph not only conveys the key legal information as to GDPR that is essential for non-lawyers. He also creates added value by providing practical guidance for the implementation of the relevant legal requirements, tailored to the needs of each client. These use cases not only relate, in particular, to the implementation of privacy by design and privacy default requirements in software development and maintenance, but also to the optimization of internal data processing activities as well as managing contractual data protection requirements in relation to suppliers and customers.

EventsChristoph Giebel
2016 - 2019Projects in the blockchain sector

Ted Kroke has been working intensively in the blockchain sector since 2016. He has given numerous lectures and trained various legal departments. In 2019 he worked as a lecturer at EBS Law School and showed the students the legal topics that need to be "rethought" in the area of blockchain. Major projects include:

  • Advising Germany based banks on their pilot project regarding the blockchain-based issuance and redemption of asset-backed commercial paper (ABCP) (2019).
  • Advising a fintech company on the development of a blockchain platform (2019).
  • Advising on the financing of a provider of blockchain-based, directly executed clearing services (2018).
  • Advising a blockchain startup in connection with obtaining venture capital for its blockchain business model (2018).
ExperienceTed Kroke
2015 - 2019Software related disputes
In recent years, Christoph has been repeatedly involved in the assertion of and the defense against claims derived from software counterfeit allegations, thus representing software producers e.g. in the fields of business intelligence, integration solutions or HR administration programs. Thanks to his tech-driven interdisciplinary approach, Christoph was able to create additional value by working together with IT experts and accurately determining key technical facts.
ExperienceChristoph Giebel
2013 - 2019Recognition in Legal Publications

For many years, Ted has been recognized in the relevant legal publications for his IT related work.

  • JUVE Handbuch (2013-2017): recommended for IT-law
  • The Legal 500 Germany (2017): recommended for IT-law
  • Handelsblatt Best Lawyers Ranking (2019): listed for IT-law
  • Best Lawyers in Germany (2019): listed for IT Datasecurity und Privacy
RecognitionsTed Kroke
2011 - 2019Assertion of claims in the fields of IT and telecommunications law
For many years, Christoph has been pursuing claims against providers of IT and telecommunications services for corporate clients, both before court and out of court. This relates to e.g. exiting failed software development projects, the assertion of damage claims due to system failures and network outages or the exercise of extraordinary termination rights in the event of a substantial breach of service levels (including underpinning the termination through declaratory action).
ExperienceChristoph Giebel
2011 - 2019Ongoing advice on contracts and standard T&Cs for software manufacturers
Christoph advises several software producers in the areas of business intelligence, unified communications software and seminar management solutions on all key issues of their procurement and sales contracts. This relates to e.g. underlying agreements with software developers, licensing conditions and terms of use, framework agreements with distribution partners and resellers, data protection notices etc. In this context, Christoph has a particular focus on ​​cloud-based software as a service models.
ExperienceChristoph Giebel
2011 - 2019Ongoing advice on rental and condominium property law
Since 2011, Christoph has also been continuously advising on rental and condominium property law, including related general real estate law issues. His main practice areas are commercial rental law (in particular in the areas of data centers, high-quality office space and large-scale retail) and landlord-related advice on residential rental law. Christoph also has particular experience in the judicial and extrajudicial resolution of complex disputes, e.g. the enforcement of claims for remedy of defects, rent reductions and the examination of operating cost accounts. His competence in technology and data protection also creates considerable added value in real estate law contexts.
ExperienceChristoph Giebel
2010 - 2019Assertion of claims and litigation as to freedom of speech matters
Christoph has many years of experience in conducting legal action related to matters of freedom of speech. This applies in particular to combatting cyberbullying between adults in the social media sector, for example in the case of relevant confrontations between competitors or in the context of inheritance or family law disputes. Christoph covers the entire range of his clients' representation, ranging e.g. from extra-judicial assertion of claims and conducting civil law legal action and mediation proceedings, to parallel action against platform operators such as Facebook or Google. Several of the cases conducted by Christoph in recent years were dealt with in the appeal instance by Higher Regional Courts and in some instances even by the German Federal Supreme Court.
ExperienceChristoph Giebel
2010 - 2019Comprehensive legal steering of software development projects, including real estate applications
Christoph has been continuously supporting software development, app and website projects over the last years. His advisory services range from basic strategic issues (for example, clarification of copyrights and trademark protection) and the early taking into account of legal requirements during the coding phase to conceiving contracts and general terms and conditions as well as providing data protection and regulatory advice. In doing so, Christoph also has gained specific experience in the provision of such services to companies in the real estate sector. Over the past years, he has, in particular, been supporting providers of smart home applications as well as apps relating to self-storage services and the verification of architectural services (including ground plans).
ExperienceChristoph Giebel
2010 - 2019Ongoing copyright and media law advice
As a passionate guitar player, Christoph has a particular affinity to music and art. He is constantly involved in the provision of copyright and media law advice to artists, software developers, cultural workers, art collectors and companies in the advertising sector. This applies in particular to the areas of copyright claim management, conceiving license and co-author agreements as well as advising on publishing law issues and trademark, unfair competition and advertising law both as to conventional and modern advertising formats (such as YouTube channels).
ExperienceChristoph Giebel
2008 - 2019Ongoing advice on important IT and telecommunications services and outsourcing agreements
Since 2008 Christoph has been regularly representing an international provider of IT and telecommunications services in the negotiation and implementation of important services and outsourcing agreements with corporate customers, both at retail and wholesale level. Christoph has extensive experience in overseeing from a legal perspective RFP bidding procedures, NGN interconnection agreements, project-related co-operation and indirect sales agreements at an international scale, including the handling of all legal matters and practical requirements of legal project management in interdisciplinary teams. The volume of the transactions handled by Christoph in this respect usually amount to a high single-digit or double-digit million euro range.
ExperienceChristoph Giebel
2008 - 2019Ongoing data protection law advice
On an ongoing basis, Christoph advises companies in the fields of data protection law, particularly in the (judicial and extra-judicial) pursuit of and defense against data protection-related claims, the negotiation of data processing agreements and international data transfers as well as other issues of data protection compliance. In recent years, he has advised numerous companies in Germany, other EU countries and in third countries in their process of adapting to GDPR.
ExperienceChristoph Giebel
2007 - 2019Business Process Outsourcing

In addition to IT-Outsourcing Ted has been advising for several years on Business Process Outsourcing Projects. Examples for IT Business Process Outsourcing Projects are:

  • Advising Japanese pharma company on warehouse, and customer services outsourcing (2019).
  • Advising maker of sophisticated safety products on the outsourcing of its warehousing and customer services function (2013).
  • Advising beverages company on the outsourcing of production, warehousing and customer delivery services (2012).
  • Advising Real Estate Fund on the outsourcing of the property management function (2008 - 2011).
  • Advising international client on the worldwide outsourcing of the property management function (2007 -2008).
  • Advising an operator of an international job portal on the outsourcing of the customer services function for the DACH region (2007).
ExperienceTed Kroke
2005 - 2019IT-Publications
  • Is the license- and royalty requirement for the indirect use of software invalid under copyright law? Computer und Recht, 2019, pages 73 et seq. (2019)
  • Blockchain and the law in the framework of industry 4.0; Publisher BMWI (gemeinsam mit Dr. Duisberg, Dr. Philipp Haas, Nils Hullen, Thomas Kriesel, Martin Schweinoch, Nick Wittek) (2018)
  • Banking Sector - Relevance of the IT Security Act, in Platow Börsenbriefe 2015 (2015)
  • Annotation to the frequency chapter of the German Telecommunications Act published in Telekommunikationsgesetz, Kommentar und Vorschriftensammlung (Telecommunications Act, Annotations and Collection of Regulations), Kohlhammer (2005).
PublicationsTed Kroke
2005 - 2019Litigation in industrial property and unfair competition law
Since 2005 Christoph has gained extensive experience in litigation on industrial property rights and unfair competition law – including as to the particularly important interim injunction proceedings. Whilst in previous activities for another law firm between 2005 and 2008 Christoph primarily conducted legal action in the fields of unfair competition, trademark and patent law for companies of the chemical industry, he has since then concentrated on unfair competition law aspects in his key focal area of ​​information technology. Therefore, in the years 2010 to 2016, Christoph was involved in many litigation cases pursuing unfair competition law infringements for companies of the IT training and consulting sector, especially before the Frankfurt and Munich competition courts.
ExperienceChristoph Giebel
2005 - 2019Ongoing sports law advice
As a passionate sportsman, Christoph has also been advising since 2005 on sports law on an ongoing basis. He advises and represents athletes, sports clubs and organizations in court and extra-judicially, e.g. with regard to the handling of transfer contracts, the assertion of sports liability claims and nomination claims to important sporting events. In doing so, he has a particular focus on football and cycling. On the basis of his expertise in sports law, Christoph is being interviewed by the press on current sporting events (most recently by the Munich based newspaper TZ in December 2016).
ExperienceChristoph Giebel
2002 - 2019IT Outsourcing

Ted has been advising on IT Outsourcing and Multisourcing projects for more than 15 years. In this context Ted put from the beginning emphasize on the contractual implementation of the ITIL library. Examples for IT Outsourcing matters handled by Ted are:

  • Advising on IT long term services agreements in connection with several business unit carveouts and transfers.
  • Steering of service provider (contract attorneys, eDiscovery search function, Data Center set-up and operation) in connection with a large investigation in the automotive sector (2015-2018).
  • Drafting international - applied in 15 jurisdictions - data center lease agreement for provider of cloud services (2014).
  • Advising large provider of ATM on all ATM provisioning, operation and cash filling agreements with bank customers in EMEA (2007 -2013)
  • IT infrastructure outsourcing for large bank including the relocation of data center for large Germany based bank to the UK including application development (2011).
  • Advising on large Euro 1 billion (plus) mobile network upgrade and operation agreement (2009).
  • Advising international logistic group on implementation of existing IT outsourcing contract for international business division (2005-2006)
  • Advising an international logistic group on Euro 1.3 billion IT outsourcing transaction including network outsourcing (2003-2004).
ExperienceTed Kroke
2002 - 2019Online Platforms

Ted legally accompanied the implementation of the first online platforms. This experience is still decisive today for the legally compliant implementation of IoT platforms. Examples for platform agreements are:

  • Advising an MDax company on the setting up and operation of a worldwide multi party IoT platform (2018-2019).
  • Advising on the integration of the chemplorer marketplace following its acquisition by Hubwoo (2004).
  • Advising on the setting up of the multi media platform Vizzavi for the German market (2002).
ExperienceTed Kroke
2018Certified lawyer course for rental and condominium property law
Based on his many years of advisory experience in rental and condominium property law, Christoph also successfully completed the certified lawyer course in this special field in Munich in 2018. In addition, Christoph is already a certified lawyer for information technology law and for copyright and media law.
RecognitionsChristoph Giebel
2017 - 2018Co-organizing the Data Science Open Space in Berlin
In the years 2017 and 2018, Christoph has co-organized the Data Science Open Space in Berlin. During the event Christoph has held several open spaces dealing with topics at the interface between data science and law. On the basis of his decades long affinity to IT and software development, he once again proved capable in the discussion with software developers and data scientists of successfully bringing together legal and technological rationalities.
EventsChristoph Giebel
2012 - 2018Ongoing lectures on up-to-date legal issues
Christoph regularly lectures on up-to-date legal issues. Over the last years, he has, inter alia, held the following public presentations:

  • Data Science and GDPR, Workshop held in the framework of the Data Science Open Space on 11th March 2018 in Berlin
  • Law and ethics in software development, Workshop held in the framework of the Developer Open Space on 14th October 2016 in Leipzig
  • Recent developments in IT and data protection law, Lecture to the Lions Club Munich, 15th April 2015, Künstlerhaus/Munich
  • Sports law in Germany and France, Lecture within the framework of the Annual Conference of the German-French Lawyers Association, 7th September 2012, Federal Employment Court/Erfurt (co-speaker)
EventsChristoph Giebel
2008 - 2018Advising BNP Paribas in landlord and tenant matters
Since 2008, Lutz is advising BNP Paribas in landlord and tenant matters, including
  • leasing and moving into the new German headquarter located at Frankfurt am Main, Europa-Allee
  • moving out of the Westend Carree in Frankfurt am Main
  • leasing and optimizing of lease terms throughout Germany, e.g. in Hamburg, Hanover, Berlin, Bremen, Munich, Nuremberg and Cologne
ExperienceLutz Hülsdunk
2008 - 2018Advising Union Investment in real estate matters

Since 2008, Lutz advises Union Asset Management Holding AG and various subsidiaries of the Union Investment group in relation to real estate matters, including

  • leasing and moving into the MainTor Porta in Frankfurt am Main
  • moving out of an existing property at the Wiesenhüttenplatz in Frankfurt am Main
  • leasing of large parts of the WINX skyscraper in Frankfurt am Main
  • leasing advice in relation to the Union Investment skyscraper located at Wiesenhüttenstraße 10 in Frankfurt am Main as well as advice in relation to the sale of this building from DZ Bank to DIC Asset AG
  • sale of the property located at Westendstraße 1 in Frankfurt am Main to DZ Bank
  • proprietary use of the EMPORIO Tower in Hamburg by Union Investment Real Estate GmbH
ExperienceLutz Hülsdunk
2007 - 2018Software Projects

A significant part of Ted Kroke's activities is still consulting on software projects:

  • Advising International FinTech on the set up of its financial services platform and the development of the related software (agile development) (2018).
  • Advising SaaS provider on SaaS agreement with Scandinavian telecommunications company on conferencing solutions (2013).
  • Advising large provider of ATM on all ATM software licensing agreements in EMEA (2007 -2013).
  • Advising SaaS provider on SaaS agreement with German telecommunications company on conferencing solutions (2012).
  • Advising large German software system house on its standards software licensing agreements (2012 – 2019).
  • Advising on several software implementation projects (2007 -2011).
ExperienceTed Kroke
2005 - 2018Sports law and sports media law publications
On the basis of his long term experience as advisor in the fields of sports law and sports media law, Christoph has authored in these areas since 2005, inter alia, the following publications in professional legal magazines:

  • Video assistant referees: a view of the Bundesliga trial, World Sports Advocate 2018, Vol. 16, Issue 1, p. 17 et seq. (Link)
  • Promising Start for the no “single buyer” rule in Germany, World Sports Law Report 2016, Vol. 14, Issue 6, p. 11 et seq.
  • The UEFA Club Monitoring – a tiger with incomplete dentition?, SpuRt 2011, p. 188 et seq.
  • Criminal law protection for the integrity of sport in Germany, Causa Sport 2011, p. 254 et seq.
  • The release of national players under the FIFA regulations in conflict with competition law, WRP 2006, p. 857 et seq.
  • The prohibition to go public in French professional sport – An infringement of the free movement of capital?, Causa Sport 2006, p. 13 et seq.
  • Early warning systems in sports betting under the perspective of data protection law, SpuRt 2006, p. 7 et seq.
  • The betting scandal and its legal consequences, Causa Sport 2005, p. 293 et seq. (co-author)
PublicationsChristoph Giebel
1996 - 2018Legal Tech Projects

Since the beginning of his legal studies, during his career at Allen & Overy and Jones Day as well as in his current roles, Lutz has conceived and successfully implemented numerous legal tech projects, initially on his own but most recently leading teams of developers and designers, resulting in two decades of relevant experience. His projects include:

  • a Wiki-based local counsel data base covering more than 150 countries and more than 350 law firms, comprising an interactive map visualizing global reach, online evaluation and referral tracking systems as well as usage analytics, including set-up of content creation and ongoing management
  • a high volume case management system for a leading European airline for defending flight delay compensation cases in a standardized and consistent manner throughout Germany
  • a contract review data base for IT distribution agreements designed for a standardized high-speed, high-volume review on behalf of one of the leading global IT companies
  • a lease review data base with complex standardized forms, allowing for various levels, depth and responsibilities of review, quantitative analysis of legal issues as well as sophisticate import, export and file comparison features, used for various clients ("highly commended" by FT Innovative Lawyers Report in 2012 for in the Most innovative law firms in Value Resourcing category)
  • a contract review data base relating to key commercial and legal parameters of network level 3 and 4 network agreements of a German telecoms company in connection with the acquisition by a UK private equity company
  • a flashcard-based legal educational software with all content for the two German state examinations, comprising more than 5,000 cards with relevance and importance filters, output functions for printed cards and Leitner-style auto-learning algorithms (number 1 Google Rank for "legal educational software" in Germany until discontinuation in 2011)
  • a Wiki-based strategic client development platform to organize firm-wide client-facing initiatives, both client-focused and subject-matter-focused
  • various coded contract exhibits for automatically calculating contractual figures such as penalties, KPIs for risk-reward-compensations schemes and lease space administration for a global data center roll-out
  • software prototype for advanced corporate charts
  • software prototype to convert any file source into an electronic data rooms
  • software prototype for integrated document, task and time management systems on various platforms (including macOS)
ExperienceLutz Hülsdunk
2017Publication on cyberbullying

On the basis of his long term experience in combatting adult cyberbullying in court, Christoph has authored in early 2017 an article in a professional legal magazine to that effect. The article discusses typical legal issues of civil law legal action against cyberbullying in social networks and sets forth how such legal action can be applied effectively. The article was published in issue 14/2017 of the Neue Juristische Wochenschrift (NJW). It has the following title:

Civil law remedies against cyberbullying in social networks, NJW 2017, p. 977 et seq.

PublicationsChristoph Giebel
2016 - 2017Large volume rental agreement on data center capacities
During the end of 2016 until mid of 2017, Christoph has represented an international provider of IT and telecommunications services in the long-term leasing of capacities in several high-availability data centers. The transaction volume amounted to a high double-digit million euro figure.
ExperienceChristoph Giebel
2014 - 2017Large volume telecommunications and IT services contract
Since the end of 2014, Christoph has - as lead advisor - been representing an international provider of IT and telecommunications services as to the conclusion and implementation of a long-term telecommunications and IT services agreement for the group operations of a blue chip company. Christoph's activities included, inter alia, negotiations during the bid phase and ongoing advice during the transition/transformation phase. The volume of the transaction amounted to a multi three-digit million euro figure.
ExperienceChristoph Giebel
2013 - 2017Lutz Hülsdunk recognized in JUVE, Legal 500 und Chambers

For many years, Lutz has been recognized in all relevant legal publications for his real estate work:

  • JUVE-Handbuch: "high professionalism, intelligent, strategically thinking", "strong negotiator and achiever, always responsive, very practical advice"
  • Legal 500 Deutschland: "strong negotiator, service-oriented", "key player", "expertise in distressed assets and foreclosure proceedings"
  • Chambers & Partner: Noted practitioner
RecognitionsLutz Hülsdunk
2006 - 2017Advising Hansteen on all essential activities in Germany

For more than a decade, Lutz has advised the listed UK REIT Hansteen Holdings plc in relation to all of its real estate acquisitions in Germany (more than 100 assets with a total value of more than one billion Euros).

In this period of time, Lutz has, among other things, advised on the real estate aspects of various complex financings and assisted with the creation of Hansteen's overall asset management platform in Germany (including the implementation of a digital platform for collaboration between property and asset managers as well as the set-up of a legal department).

In the year 2017, Lutz was involved in the sale of the complete Hansteen portfolio to a joint-venture of Blackstone and M7, acting in a non-legal capacity as a board-level consultant.

ExperienceLutz Hülsdunk
2002 - 2017Technology law publications

Both founding partners of JURICITY have published on technology law matters.

Since the start of his career, Christoph has been working intensively on matters of IT law, telecommunications law and data protection law, including the respective competition law implications. As from 2003, he has authored a large number of publications in professional legal magazines in these areas, with a particular emphasis on contractual and infrastructure related issues in the fields of telecommunications:

  • Objections of the subscriber arising out of or in connection with Section 45i para. 4 of the German Telecommunications Act: legal particularities in the intercarrier relationship, CR 2016, p. 263 et seq. (co-author)
  • Damage claims in case of telecommunications network outages – Liability of the service provider towards corporate customers, MMR 2014, p. 302 et seq. (co-author)
  • Securitisation of loans to telecommunications companies, MMR 2005, 217 et seq. (co-author)
  • Private rights of way in the new German Telecommunications Act, ZfIR 2004, p. 661 et seq. (co-author)
  • Commentary regarding the decision of the Federal Supreme Court, dated 24 June 2004 (III ZR 104/03), EWiR 2004, p. 1151 et seq. (co-author)
  • Commentary regarding the decision of the Federal Supreme Court, dated 14 May 2004 (V ZR 292/03), EWiR 2004, p. 991 et seq. (co-author)
  • Commentary regarding the decision of the Federal Supreme Court, dated 10 February 2004 (KZR 7/02), EWiR 2004, p. 725 et seq. (co-author)
  • The interpretation of Sec. 57 of the German Telecommunications Act by the new case law, ZfIR 2003, p. 49 et seq. (co-author)
  • Commentary regarding the decision of the Federal Supreme Court, dated 27 February 2003 (V ZR 229/02), EWiR 2003, p. 725 et seq. (co-author)
  • Commentary regarding the decision of the Higher Regional Court of Naumburg, dated 23 January 2003 (7 U (Hs) 18/02), ZfIR 2003, p. 818 et seq. (co-author)
Lutz has authored the following technology law publications:
  • Comment on the Decision of the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany, dated 2 March 2006 (2 BvR 2099/04), concerning the scope and applicability of the constitutional right to the secrecy of telecommunications, EWiR 2006 p. 305
  • Outsourcing in the insurance and health care sector without consent of the data subject? co-author, MMR 2004, p. 788-792 (co-author)
  • Integrated advice for convergent technologies, ZfR 2004, p. 70
  • Service components and contractual relationships of commercial music download platforms on the Internet, MMR 2004, p. 59-66 (co-author)
  • Comment on the Decision of the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany dated 15 July 2003 (2 BvF 6/98), EWiR 2003 p. 1053 (co-author)
  • Comment on the Decision of the Federal Supreme Court of Germany, dated 24 October 2002 (BGH I ZR 100/00 "discount prefix"), EWiR 2003, p. 389 (co-author)
  • Designing Distance Selling Platforms under the new German legislation on E-Commerce, MMR 2002, p. 414-419 and p. 516-520 (co-author)
PublicationsChristoph Giebel, Lutz Hülsdunk
2010 - 2016Advising Signature Capital on significant real estate transactions in Germany
Lutz has advised Signature Capital in connection with various key real estate transactions, including the following:

  • Acquisition of the Neumarkt Galerie shopping centre in Cologne out of insolvency, subsequent redevelopment and sale to Deka Immobilien Investment GmbH with a total transaction volume of app. EUR 450 m
  • Acquisition of a portfolio of landmark protected former Deutsche Post properties in Berlin and subsequent sale of the property companies with simultaneous closing of the asset and share deal (transaction volume is confidential)
  • Acquisition of the Nibelungen-Center in Passau, Germany, at a statutory auction for EUR 21.5 m
ExperienceLutz Hülsdunk
2015Advising Blackstone on pan-European portfolio acquisition

Lutz was one of the key lawyers who advised real estate funds managed by The Blackstone Group in connection with their acquisition of a pan-European real estate portfolio comprising twelve properties with approximately 168,700 square meters (approximately 1.8 million square feet) of office, retail, and logistics space located in Germany, France, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands.

ExperienceLutz Hülsdunk
1999 - 2015International Data Protection projects

From the transposition of the Data Protection Directive into national law, Ted Kroke advised on data protection matters. Examples for international projects are:

  • Advising a global provider of cloud services on the data protection requirements in relation to client contracts for 15 jurisdictions (2015).
  • Advising for 12 jurisdictions on aspects of IT security and data protection in connection with worldwide implementation of a so-called Know-How Protection System (2013).
  • Advising a corporate group on the transfer of employee data from employees in 12 European countries to the US parent company (1999)
ExperienceTed Kroke
2013Data protection in the social web

Lutz was invited by leading IT companies to talk as co-speaker about data protection issues in the social web:

  • Is privacy ruining the game? "Dos and Don'ts" for banks in the social web. Lecture held at the event "Bank & Future" organized by IBM Deutschland GmbH on 17 September 2013 in Frankfurt am Main
  • Data Protection in the social web: Are business opportunities impaired by data protection laws? Workshop held at the event "PASS Business Talk" organized by PASS Consulting Group on 27 June 2013 in Frankfurt am Main
EventsLutz Hülsdunk
2013Large volume rental agreement on data center capacities
During 2013 Christoph has represented an international provider of IT and telecommunications services in connection with the long-term leasing of capacities in several high-availability data centers. The transaction volume amounted to a three-digit million euro figure.
ExperienceChristoph Giebel
2012Highly commended in FT Innovative Lawyers Report
Lutz created a due diligence platform for his client Hansteen Holdings plc that was "highly commended" by the Financial Times in their FT Innovative Lawyers 2012 Report for reinventing "the due diligence process ... through the design of smart systems."
RecognitionsLutz Hülsdunk
2009 - 2011European civil procedure law publications
Since 2005, Christoph has gained extensive experience in the areas of litigation and enforcement, especially with regard to competition and trademark law on the one hand and copyright law and freedom of speech issues on the other hand. In particular, Christoph intensively deals with legal issues under European civil procedure and enforcement law. In the years 2009 to 2011, he has transformed these experiences into publications in professional legal magazines set out below. Christoph has thus contributed to the creation of important case law (see, in particular, BGHZ 185, 124).
  • Commentary regarding the decision of the European Court of Justice (Grand Chamber), dated 18 October 2011 - C-406/09 (Realchemie Nederland BV/Bayer CropScience AG), NJW 2011, 3570
  • Five years of European Enforcement Order in German court practice – Interim results and persisting need for clarification, IPRax 2011, p. 529 et seq.
  • The enforcement of contempt fines according to Section 890 of the German Act on Civil Procedure in other EU Member States, IPRax 2009, p. 324 et seq.
PublicationsChristoph Giebel
2001 - 2010Development and publishing of legal educational software

As early as 2001, Lutz published a legal educational software with learning content for both German state examinations, which he had previously developed and which – until its discontinuation in 2010 – had top Google rankings for legal educational software in Germany and hundreds of downloads each month.

Reference: LernSystem Pro (Legal Educational Software for Civil and Civil Procedural Law, Criminal and Criminal Procedural Law, Administrative and Constitutional Law), EDWORKS Hamburg, 2 CD-ROMs, 2nd Edition 2001

PublicationsLutz Hülsdunk
2001 - 2010M&A projects

Prior to fully concentrating on IT projects, Ted also handled M&A transactions. Understanding the requirements of M&A projects is key when advising on the IT part of M&A matters:

  • Advising client in connection with the acquisition of a broadband company (Network Level 4) (2010).
  • Contemplated acquisitions of broadband cable operators (Network Level 3 and 4) (2007).
  • Acquisition of Degussa Group’s international gelatin business for Sobel Group (2002).
  • Sale of mineral water business for German beverages group to foreign food & beverages group (2001)
  • Advising client in connection with the sale of a broadband company (Network Level 3) (2002).
  • Advising client in connection with the contemplated sale of a broadband company (Network Level 3 / including the renegotiation of such company’s long term service agreements with Deutsche Telekom) (2001).
ExperienceTed Kroke
2007 - 2009Real estate law publications

Lutz has authored, inter alia, the following real estate law publications:

  • Old Indexation Clause - New Legal Issues (Alte Wertsicherungsklausel - Neue Rechtsprobleme), ZfIR 2007, p. 337-342 (co-author)
  • LoI, MoU, bidding procedure and then? – Pre-contractual arrangements and liability in connection with formal agreements, ZfIR 2009, pp 456-461 (co-author)
PublicationsLutz Hülsdunk
2005Virtual Private Networks
With his Ph.D. thesis "Virtual Private Networks – Selected Issues under Telecommunication and Contract Laws with a Special Focus on the New Legal Framework for Electronic Communication Networks and Services", Lutz has provided in 2005 an in-depth analysis of this type of networks.
PublicationsLutz Hülsdunk