JURICITY´s Mission Statement - Creating High Value for our Clients

Mission Statement

We strive to be thought and quality leaders and to add value to our clients' most challenging projects through:

  • high-end real estate and technology law advice
  • relevant industry insights for the benefit of our clients
  • legal process optimizing, project management and tech-enabled service delivery
  • creative and holistic solutions for convergent issues in these sectors
  • building integrated teams with tech specialists
JURICITY´s Core Values


  • We represent a high level of competence by mastering legal skills, team work, relationships and technology as well as investing constantly in our know-how and the quality of our work products.
  • We treat our clients, counterparties, employees and suppliers with respect, honesty and fairness.
  • We strive to improve the lives of the people associated with our work and make them more fulfilling.
  • We love success but not so much that we would sacrifice our values in delivering the same.
JURICITY - Agile Approach to Legal Business

Agile Approach

Our partners have jointly more than 50 years of experience as providers and recipients of legal services in some of the largest and most successful international law firms and multinational companies.

We now deploy our experience in an agile and flexible service environment not only allowing us to implement the most efficient work products and tools for providing legal services (including legal tech) but also the most suitable fee arrangements from a commercial perspective.